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With a depth of experience in both the 

racing and breeding industries, George founded Amplify in 2020 to help businesses enhance their marketing. 

George van Veenendaal
Managing & Creative Director 


Hugo Morgan 

Creative Producer (Casual) 

Already credited as a feature film director

and a recording artist, Hugo focuses on

ensuring the cinematic approach at

Amplify is present in every job. 


A background in advertising, and a hobbyist filmmaker, Alistair was perfectly placed to join Amplify in 2021  – and assist clients to create strategic content. 

Alistair Windsor 

Senior Creative Producer


Jason Mackaway  

Creative Producer (Casual) 

As a recording and performing musician,

Jason isn't short on creativity. Specialising in

post production, he enables the team to

get the most from each filming job.  

Want to work with the team?
Contact us.

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A young Melbourne based team of creators aiming to have clients' work recognised throughout the equine world. 

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Our backgrounds intersect in marketing, filmmaking, music and advertising to deliver beautiful & commercial work. 

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